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‘Dude, you’re being very un-Dude’

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I’m starting to see more and more of these movies ‘in 5 seconds’ clips.

Cuzzy first brought them to my attention and here is my favourite:

(Definitely worth watching the whole movie though.)

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When in Rome…say ‘patatine fritte’

Learn how to say ‘french fries’ in other languages at Belgianfries.com

There is also a recipe there for cooking fries the Belgian way.

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From the Alamagordo Daily News:

The Netherlands is the world’s largest exporter of frozen potato products,vandelay.jpg accounting for more than half of world trade in the tuber.

They aren’t going to the United States, which exports more potatoes than it imports. The Dutch frozen potatoes are in demand from American fast food chains in Europe.

But in America, frozen fries are being imported from Canada, “due to lower cost of production and lower tariffs and the exchange rate.”

We’ve moved from eating potatoes boiled and mashed to eating processed potatoes. Now, Aguayo said, only 28 percent of the total crop is sold as fresh table stock.

“In 1959 only 19 percent of the crop was processed,” she stated. “In 1997, 61 percent of the processed potatoes were frozen, mostly as fries.”

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