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Funny stuff, used to listen to these at work with my salubrious friend AndyP. I had forgotten all about them but just stumbled across them again.

Lets reminisce:

Mr. Footlong Hot Dog Inventor

Mr. Silent Killer Gas Passer

Mr. Nudest Colony Activity Coordinator

want more?….head over to thefuntimesguide


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West coast artiste and terrarium enthusiast, Catherine X, was recently commissioned by the Lord of the Fries to design the new spring line of haute couture fry fashion. Here is a sneak peek.


Thanks Cath!

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Mr. and Mrs. McDonalds

Strange Japanese McDonald’s commercials featuring the ‘McGrand’:

These commercials need more fries.

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“…then they started noticing my megatater, they were intimidated.”

The world may not be ready for the Megatater but the Lord of the Fries sure is. He’d take a megatater over a burgazebo any day.

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Fries on TV

Foreign French Fry Commercial “Don’t be risky your life!”

Teach an old dinosaur new tricks…with fries

“McDonald’s fries sure make you girls cheerful”…yah sure, maybe in some kind of Frytopia

Funny, but seriously…chicken fries?! Burger King just doesn’t get it.

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Saw this on TV last night and felt it was very post worthy.

Sierra Mist Holiday Hawk

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French Fry Deceit

May be old news to some, but anyway…

The Lincoln Fry


This was an ad campaign launched by McDonald’s back in 2005.

From Museum of Hoaxes:

The Lincoln Fry Blog is supposed to be a journal kept by a couple, Mike and Liz, detailing their experiences after finding a french fry at McDonalds that looks a lot like Abe Lincoln. But none of it is real (not even the comments on the blog). The site is actually part of McDonald’s latest ad campaign that was launched during the Superbowl, which focuses on this fictitious Lincoln Fry.

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