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catvomitsign.jpg1. Cats instinctively (spitefully) seek out a puke zone with the following characteristics:

a) the puke zone must contain multiple objects

b) objects within the puke zone must be oddly shaped with multiple surfaces, holes, nooks and or crannies (e.g. shoes, radiators, things made of wicker)

c) the puke zone must contain at least one object covered in or made from fabric, leather, or other porous material

2. Cat puke is both solid and liquid

3. Cat puke must come in contact with and settle in, on, or around all objects within the puke zone

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French Fry-pocalypse

I see this picture and I think…ominous. If this wasn’t such a common occurrence I’d suggest this might be one of the seven signs of the apocalypse. If seagulls stole your fries wouldn’t you think it was the end of the world? Could these be the seven seagulls of the apocalypse? Yah, probably not, but they sure look angry.


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Drive Thru Turkey

Gobble gobble?

Happiest turkey ever?

Fattening up next years turkey dinner?


Thanks to the Squire of the fries

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