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When in Rome…say ‘patatine fritte’

Learn how to say ‘french fries’ in other languages at Belgianfries.com

There is also a recipe there for cooking fries the Belgian way.


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healthy-fries.JPGOver at StartCooking.com you’ll find an interesting recipe, from Emeril, for making ‘healthier’ french fries. Here’s the jist: fries coated with seasoned egg white and then oven baked. They certainly look tasty enough.

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Unattended french fries blamed for apartment blaze

Sigh, another blatant and shameful attempt by the media to sully the good reputation of French Fries. I think there is definitely a logic fallacy in that headline, the fries were just innocent bystanders. I’m sure it was the unattended burning hot oil that was really to blame for the blaze.

Lets never forget, french fries don’t kill people, people kill people.

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The Perfect Chip

Seems that many people end up on my blog via searches for “the perfect french fry” and such.  I stumbled across this webpage which has mucho mucho information in this regard from a British perspective.


To make enough chips to serve 4, peel and cut 675 g potatoes and cut into neatly squared strips with surface planes about 8 mm across. Discarding peelings and trimmings, this should give you 500 g chips.

Whatever fryer and fat you use, I think the preliminary blanching should be at 150C. Dry the chips thoroughly and cook for about 6 minutes. It is impossible to be absolutely precise. They may need another couple of minutes. You are aiming for the point where they are cooked through but only just starting to colour. Remove in the basket and boost the temperature to 190C. Leave them for 3-4 minutes before plunging them back for 90 seconds – 2 minutes when they will have become crisp and golden brown. Drain in the basket for 30 seconds then briefly on kitchen paper. Salt after about a minute and seconds before serving. Salt too soon and it will draw moisture, causing them to go soggy.

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