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Seems that my shameless attempt to get hits (ie Fry Babe of the Week) has resulted in one raised eyebrow…

From, oddly enough, an SVB Financial Group Newsletter:

Earlier this year, when German supermodel Heidi Klum began a search for Germany’s next top model, people were outraged that models with BMIs below 17 were rejected as too fat. Of course, perhaps this anger merely underscores the difference between aspiring models and a true supermodel — and the problem we’ve created as a society. The deep-fried blog “Lord of the Fries” recently anointed a french-fry-wielding Klum as a “Fry Babe of the Week.” So, where does this leave us? Nutritionists know that these models are so unnaturally thin that they risk infertility, osteoporosis and, ultimately, kidney damage. How do they know? They study women in famine-blighted areas of the Third World. I often wonder what people would think if a modern fashion magazine were to fall out of the sky in, say, Darfur? Would the chronically malnourished residents find some affinity with these rich and glamorous women who are also slowly starving to death?

“Anointed”…I like that….sorry, I’m drunk with power…okay, okay, I’m just drunk.


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Tour of the Fry Palace

The Royal Pantry
Where the Lady of Fries does her best work.

The Royal Lounge
Where the Lord of Fries does his best work.

The Fry Computer
Where the Lord of Fries wrestles with the crappy wordpress interface

Stairs to the Fry Cellar, Dungeon, and Top Secret Fry Lab

The Throne Room
I won’t go into details.

The Royal Puke Factory

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