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West coast artiste and terrarium enthusiast, Catherine X, was recently commissioned by the Lord of the Fries to design the new spring line of haute couture fry fashion. Here is a sneak peek.


Thanks Cath!


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Cuzzy Fries

Where there is smoke, there are fries

Now the story ends happily ever after but the road to get there was one of danger and drama. I decided I would cook up some Mcain krinkle fries for lunch today, no big deal right? Any idiot can toss some fries on a baking sheet and put them in the oven. Well last night the dinner I cooked had a bit of spill off and caused a small flame at the bottom of the oven. No big deal but of course when I put the fries in the oven today I forgot about last night’s little mishap.

So I set the timer and went upstairs to go on with my day. About ten minutes later all I could smell was smoke so I rushed down to the kitchen and of course it was all smoke. Last night’s little spill still had some juice left in it so it smoked the house all up. I turned the oven off and opened some windows.

Of course I left the fries in to cook on the heat already built up. I was hungry, you would of done the same. So once the rooms were clear of haze and the timer was a good ten minutes past the ding, I took out the fries and to my suprise they were pretty well done considering.

Threw on some salt and ketchup and called it lunch. A very well earned lunch I have to say. So that is my tale of fries and drama for today. I think I will take a break from the oven until it is all cleaned up. Remember kids just cause there is a fire does not mean you can’t enjoy some tasty french fries.

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Thanks Cuzzy

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