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There must be a spot for this guy in the IFOCE

From the CBC

Mexican taxi driver wants to be world champion chili-eater

For most people, even the smallest bite of a raw chili pepper means a flushed face and a rush for a gulp of water.

But Manuel Quiroz can guzzle down dozens of Mexico’s spiciest chilies, rub them on his skin and even squeeze their juice into his eyes without as much as blinking.

The 54-year-old Mexico City taxi driver said Saturday he has made thousands of dollars with his talent and wants to become the world champion chili-eater. But first he needs to find an organization that can crown him with that title.

“Chilies don’t sting me. They don’t affect me.”

“It’s just like eating fruit,” Quiroz said at a market in the Mexican capital.

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In the News

Like McDonald’s Fries?

Trans fats got you down?

Can’t sleep?

Rest easy friends, because….

McDonald’s Picks New Trans Fat-Free Oil for French Fries
Spokesman Walt Riker said after years of testing, the fast-food giant has finally selected a new trans fat-free oil for its famous fries. McDonald’s said the new oil is a canola-based and includes a mix of corn and soy oils.

Riker said it has gotten good reviews in extensive testing and is now being used in more than 1,200 U.S. restaurants.

However, he hasn’t said when the healthier oil will be used in all of the company’s more than 13,000 restaurants in the U.S.

…and there was much rejoicing.

What a fantastic load of bullshit…yes, I’m sure McDonald’s has spent ‘years’ trying to find a healthier cooking oil. How long does it take to bow to the pressure from the media and consumers to use a healthier oil that probably already existed?  Probably just long enough for them to figure out how to integrate the oil in the cheapest way possible and still look like they have our best interests at heart.

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Unattended french fries blamed for apartment blaze

Sigh, another blatant and shameful attempt by the media to sully the good reputation of French Fries. I think there is definitely a logic fallacy in that headline, the fries were just innocent bystanders. I’m sure it was the unattended burning hot oil that was really to blame for the blaze.

Lets never forget, french fries don’t kill people, people kill people.

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This just in:

Fire in Man’s Pants Not Started by Phone

…nor was it caused by riding a tractor in a bathing suit.

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From CEE-foodindustry.com

Using the common food additive calcium chloride could reduce the formation of acrylamide in potato chips and French fries by about 95 per cent, according to a new study.

The researchers, from Hacettepe University and the Scientific and Technical Research Council of Turkey, report that by immersing the potato crisps and French fries in the calcium chloride solution prior to the frying process, could reduce the formation of this cancer-causing compound.

The cut potatoes were immersed in a solution of calcium chloride for 15, 30 or 60 minutes and then fried in sunflower oil for five minutes at 170 degrees Celsius, to enable the Maillard browning reaction to occur.

Interesting, but what the heck is the Maillard browning reaction?…Click here to find out, but I warn you, the answer is terribly uninteresting. Then again, if you’ve made it this far in this post…

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The French Fry Billionaire

From Wikipedia

180px-jrsimplot.jpg John Richard “Jack” Simplot (born January 4, 1909, in Dubuque, Iowa) is the founder of the J. R. Simplot Company, the largest supplier of french fries to McDonald’s. In 2005 he was estimated to be the 93rd richest person in America, with $2.5 billion. At 97, he is tied with winemaker Ernest Gallo as the oldest living billionaire on the Forbes 400. By World War II, the J. R. Simplot Company had become the largest shipper of fresh potatoes in the country. By the early 1960s the company he founded became the main supplier of french fries to McDonald’s, and by 2005 they supplied more than half of all french fries for the fast food chain.

Sadly, Mr. Simplot was injured recently:

BOISE, Idaho (Reuters) – J.R. Simplot, the 97-year-old Idaho billionaire whose firm created frozen French fries and is McDonald’s main fry supplier, is unconscious and in intensive care after a fall, a spokesman said on Tuesday.

Simplot, who turns 98 on Thursday, fell from his motorized scooter while attending a football game in Arizona, according to Fred Zerza, a spokesman with the Simplot Company.

His privately held company where he is chairman emeritus reported $3.3 billion in sales in 2006. Its reach is so wide that it even grows potatoes in China to supply McDonald’s there.

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Heinz and the rediculous “Funky Fries” fiasco.

This is a classic example of a company trying to improve upon something that is more than good enough as it is.

Back in 2002 Heinz decides to shake things up by introducing a new line of french fries.


From CNN Money:

Beginning in May, H.J. Heinz Co. will ship a new line of Ore-Ida frozen potato products called Funky Fries featuring five new shapes, colors and flavors, all intended to give kids even more say over their parents’ grocery store lists.


The new products include French fries flavored with sour cream and chives, or cinnamon and sugar, and a new product called Crunchy Rings – basically Tater Tots with a hole in the middle. Then there’s Kool Blue – a sky blue seasoned French fry, and Cocoa Crispers — a brown chocolate fry designed “for kids with a sweet tooth.”

I didn’t even know these fries existed, but maybe that’s because they were only on the market for a year before they were yanked from the shelves.

From CNN Money:

Consumers never warmed up to these odd fries and a year later Heinz is pulling them off the shelves and blaming disappointing sales of the product as one reason for its fourth-quarter profit miss.

“Kids already like the plain french fries,” said Marilyn Raymond, director with New ProductWorks, a Michigan-based product marketing consultancy. “Why try to make them more friendly to kids?”

“What bothered me the most were the chocolate fries,” Raymond added. “What was Heinz thinking? Chocolate in french fries is so different that consumers found no cord of familiarity with it. There aren’t even chocolate-flavored potato chips out there.”

Sad. Sad. Sad.

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