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‘Dude, you’re being very un-Dude’

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I’m starting to see more and more of these movies ‘in 5 seconds’ clips.

Cuzzy first brought them to my attention and here is my favourite:

(Definitely worth watching the whole movie though.)

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catvomitsign.jpg1. Cats instinctively (spitefully) seek out a puke zone with the following characteristics:

a) the puke zone must contain multiple objects

b) objects within the puke zone must be oddly shaped with multiple surfaces, holes, nooks and or crannies (e.g. shoes, radiators, things made of wicker)

c) the puke zone must contain at least one object covered in or made from fabric, leather, or other porous material

2. Cat puke is both solid and liquid

3. Cat puke must come in contact with and settle in, on, or around all objects within the puke zone

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There must be a spot for this guy in the IFOCE

From the CBC

Mexican taxi driver wants to be world champion chili-eater

For most people, even the smallest bite of a raw chili pepper means a flushed face and a rush for a gulp of water.

But Manuel Quiroz can guzzle down dozens of Mexico’s spiciest chilies, rub them on his skin and even squeeze their juice into his eyes without as much as blinking.

The 54-year-old Mexico City taxi driver said Saturday he has made thousands of dollars with his talent and wants to become the world champion chili-eater. But first he needs to find an organization that can crown him with that title.

“Chilies don’t sting me. They don’t affect me.”

“It’s just like eating fruit,” Quiroz said at a market in the Mexican capital.

Today’s post brought to you by AndyP…and the letter S

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Good stuff.

Will Ferrell doing George Dubyah on global warming.

‘Adam and Eve drove an Excursion’…ha ha ha

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Time well wasted.

Wikipedia’s list of unusual articles.


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