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Mr. and Mrs. McDonalds

Strange Japanese McDonald’s commercials featuring the ‘McGrand’:

These commercials need more fries.


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Heinz and the rediculous “Funky Fries” fiasco.

This is a classic example of a company trying to improve upon something that is more than good enough as it is.

Back in 2002 Heinz decides to shake things up by introducing a new line of french fries.


From CNN Money:

Beginning in May, H.J. Heinz Co. will ship a new line of Ore-Ida frozen potato products called Funky Fries featuring five new shapes, colors and flavors, all intended to give kids even more say over their parents’ grocery store lists.


The new products include French fries flavored with sour cream and chives, or cinnamon and sugar, and a new product called Crunchy Rings – basically Tater Tots with a hole in the middle. Then there’s Kool Blue – a sky blue seasoned French fry, and Cocoa Crispers — a brown chocolate fry designed “for kids with a sweet tooth.”

I didn’t even know these fries existed, but maybe that’s because they were only on the market for a year before they were yanked from the shelves.

From CNN Money:

Consumers never warmed up to these odd fries and a year later Heinz is pulling them off the shelves and blaming disappointing sales of the product as one reason for its fourth-quarter profit miss.

“Kids already like the plain french fries,” said Marilyn Raymond, director with New ProductWorks, a Michigan-based product marketing consultancy. “Why try to make them more friendly to kids?”

“What bothered me the most were the chocolate fries,” Raymond added. “What was Heinz thinking? Chocolate in french fries is so different that consumers found no cord of familiarity with it. There aren’t even chocolate-flavored potato chips out there.”

Sad. Sad. Sad.

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Really sticky salt?

I think most of us agree that fries and salt go well together. Can’t say, however, I’ve ever been too concerned about salt yield, dissolving time, or adherence level.

Must be a food services thing.


Specially processed to dissolve faster in the mouth so you can use less and still get the full flavor. Greater yield per box because of better adherence to fries.

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Driving and eating fries too complicated for you?

Wishing someone would come up with a better system?

The wait is over….


Even has a clip-on ketchup cup!

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